International day of the Sava river 2018

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On Saturday, 2nd June we marked International Day of the Sava river at the river bank in Drenje. The Brdovec Museum took part in this event with an exhibition, an art colony and two workshops. We prepared an exhibition of old photographs of the Sava with the help from the locals, and it aroused great interest. The art colony was organized in collaboration with the Vladimir Maleković Association. The artists painted watercolours, their main motif being the Sava. Children’s workshop gathered participants of all ages. The children illustrated a story „Regoč“ by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić that was told by actor Željko Mavrović. The workshop was guided by art teacher Slavko Bratić. Urban planning workshop aimed at adult participants made the locals plan the facilities for the area alongside the Sava river bank. The workshop was guided by curator and director of the Brdovec Museum Silvija Limani.