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The events for the Museum Night 2017. in the Brdovec Museum are accompanying the exhibition „Romans in Brdovec“. The exhibition shows research work in archaeology that were conducted by the Brdovec Museum in the last three decades. The theme of this year’s Museum Night, music, is present in accompanying events: the lecture on musical instruments and music during the Roman Empire, and in the fun program including costumed characters, games and quizzes about the music of antiquity and gastronomy presentation of Roman delicacies.


Musicologist Hrvoje Beban from Zagreb Music Academy will hold a lecture about Roman music. Talking about Roman music in the antiquity is a demanding task, since no music notation survived. On the other hand, there are written statements about music, musicians and their activities, as well as many iconographic sources for us to learn about the context and ways of playing music. We can state that Roman music was contributed by other cultures, so the lecture will deal with Etruscan and Hellenistic music culture which were gladly incorporated and assimilated by Romans, in the absence of their own creativity. In order to present different segments of Roman music culture, the lecturer will concentrate the lecture around its aspects: the role of the so called tibicines within the domain of religion, around military music and the importance of Greek musicians and actors for the music of the Early Roman Empire. The lecture will aim to confirm the most stable characteristic of Roman music, and that is cosmopolitanism.


Archaeologist and art historian Mirjana Biljan will hold a lecture about architecture characteristics of Roman villa rustica and the everyday life in the villa. The lecture will present the audience with the visual presentation of the villa, the room sit consisted and their function, and the life of the owners and their families and their roles within the household. Also, the audience will be presented with the significant role a villa played in the wider urban context, and there will be other interesting and less known facts about life od Romans in a villa.


A 3D-dimensional reconstruction of the villa, made by Krešimir Šporčić, is based on actual digs from the site Drenje-Laduč. This site was proclaimed cultural heritage in 2016 and presented in the exhibition „Romans in Brdovec“ in the Brdovec Museum. This projection will show the audience what the villa on the sight might have looked like.


The Croatian Association of Archaeologists created a fun program which includes games, quiz and costumed performance in Roman style. They named the event Nulla vita sine musica, or Without music there is no life. The members of the association will entertain the audience by different games: quiz, memory, and Brain Box. The games will be all about Romans and Roman music, and the quiz questions will be adapted for all age groups. In Memory game, the participants can learn more about musical instruments of Rome. The association will also present Roman gastronomy by simple dishes and mulled wine. Costumed party will be enriched by performance of Drinčani Association.