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„The history and the future of Januševec manor“ is an exhibition by architect Mia Mikula which is to be opened at the Museum Night, 29th January 2016. Januševec Manor is located in Brdovec Municipality and is the most significant Croatian manor of Classicism. Its owners initiated development of the area around Brdovec, because they founded the factory which produced liquor and yeast. The factory’s successor is Pliva, the main sponsor of the exhibition. The exhibition shows the history of the manor, but also a project for its usage in the future, since its current function of archive warehouse does not enable its full cultural and tourism potential to develop. The displayed model can be applied to other manors in Zaprešić surroundings. Revitalising the manors would boost cultural tourism and economic development of the region. As a part of the program for the Museum Night there will be a lecture „Manors as development initiators“ by academic Mladen Obad Šćitaroci, the professor who mentored Mikula’s work. There will also be musical intermezzo on cello by prof. Zlatko Rucner, as well as costumed performance featuring games, dances and music in authentic apparel of the period.


Academic Mladen Obad Šćitaroci, professor at the Faculty of Architecture ant the author of the book „Manors and gardens of Hrvatsko Zagorje“ will held an introductory lecture where he will present the
Models of manor exploitation in north-western Croatia, show their current state, talk about good examples and offer his view of the Januševec manor future usage. His lecture will be followed by the lecture of art historian Iva Raič Stojanović who will present the historical background and the information about the reconstruction of the manor, and finally a lecture by architect Mia Mikula, the author of the exhibition, who will explain in detail her revitalization project of Januševec and the urban planning of Januševec settlement as the future centre of Brdovec Municipality.


The members of Croatian Association of Archaeologists dressed in Classicist clothes will entertain the audience with games and dances of the period, teaching basic steps of most popular dances of the time. They will also be guides through the permanent display.


After the introductory lectures on developmental and spatial possibilities of cultural heritage, an exhibition about Januševec manor will be opened. In the three gallery rooms there will be posters in three categories: firstly, a display of manors in Zaprešić region (Novi Dvori, Lužnica, Januševec and Laduč) with the plans for their (new) function and integration into s system of tourism offer. Secondly, posters showing the past of Januševec manor and its reconstruction after destruction in late Second World War, and finally, in the third room, posters showing the project of recently graduated architect Mia Mikula. The project includes architectural plans of the manor and other auxiliary buildings as well as the urban plan of the surrounding area.


Members of the Association of visual and literary artists Vladimir Maleković from Brdovec will read their poems dedicated to Januševec manor.


Professor Zlatko Rucner from Zagreb Music Academy will participate in the program of the exhibition opening by playing compositions for cello composed in the second half of the 19th century, the most proliferating period of Januševec manor.